Knockoff Ferrero Rocher Truffles

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We’re continuing our guest series with a doozy from Jessica of The Novice Chef. I have to say that Jessica might be one of the most adorable and fun people I have ever met. She’s just HAPPY and FUNNY and oh yeah she’s that pretty in person too. I know! It would be hard not to like her if she wasn’t so stinking fabulous! There is a house for sale two doors down and I think I’m going to try to convince her to buy it, so she can make me these ah-mazing knockoff Ferrero Rocher Truffles (which btw are one of my favorite chocolates in the world) and browned buttah anything because she’s the princess of browned butter. – Paula

Nutella Eclair Cake

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Have you noticed that we have some very talented friends stopping by our little blog lately. Today is no exception, we have my sweet sweet friend Christina. I met her what seems like forever ago when she emailed me regarding a question on one of my recipes – Gnocchi to be exact. One email led to two, to three then to texts then to I convinced her to hop on a plane and come to a little convention in Birmingham so I could actually hug her neck.  What a wonderful place this crazy internet is right. Her blog is all about sweet treats for two, scaled back versions so I don’t have to feel bad when I make something of hers and eat it all in one sitting. Don’t judge! Oh yes  she’s also blessed with an insanely awesome metabolism and can eat all those sweets in one sitting. I am not ; ) I’m also trying hard to get her back to the right coast but that’s another story.. Now onto this amazing Nutella Eclair Cake. I ooooohed when I saw this come through and I think you will too… Grab your forks, you’re going to want to make this xoxo – Paula

Gluten Free Hazelnut Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream

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Are you ready for another tasty treat? Up today my sweet friend Chris from Mele Cotte is popping over with these gluten free hazelnut cupcakes with an insanely delicious looking Nutella Buttercream. She’s even given us an optional Ganache topping recipe because she’s sweet like that! I met Chris online forevah ago and just lurve her. I saw her blog name – Mele Cotte (which means baked apples in Italian) and of course I had to click through…once I was there I was smitten with all of her delicious recipes but especially her SWEETS. You know I have a wicked sweet tooth and I’ve always admired those who are talented in the baking department. Chris is definitely talented and I’m THRILLED that she is sharing one of her amazing desserts with all of US today! – Paula

Homemade Nutella Baci

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