What can we say, we LURVE Nutella!

The bella Nutella Team:


Numero Uno Nutella-holic: {aka Paula, aka bell’alimento}

That’s right I am a self proclaimed Nutella-holic! My love affair with Nutella began at the tender tweenage of 11 when I moved to Italy. From the moment I tasted the delicious hazelnut chocolatey wonder that was spread ever so lightly onto a piece of bread I was HOOKED. I share my love of Nutella on my food blog bell’alimento where I have an entire category devoted to my beloved Nutella. I am a proud Nutella-holic {there’s no saving me, so don’t even try LOL} and think the entire WORLD should be too ; ) So how did this site come about??? While posting a 2010 best recipes round up on bell’alimento, 5/10 top recipes were NUTELLA recipes. I jokingly said perhaps I should start an all Nutella all the time site ; ) AND HERE WE ARE…


Chief Chocolatier: {aka Christy, aka Cookie, aka Cookielicious, aka pc princess}

My partner in crime since the dark ages ehem middle school. She’s pretty much the exact opposite of me. Which is why we work so well together. She’s one of the most amazing people you’d ever want to meet. I count my lucky stars to call her my BFF. She knows what I want or need even before I ask. This site simply would not be possible without HER. She has supah mad skills! Knowing her like I do, she’s completely embarrassed at what I wrote here and will probably try to delete it {but being the stubborn one, I won’t let her ; ) And besides she taught me how to do things in the admin LOL} & pssst…If you’re in need of website help give her a hollah ; )