Nutella Nugget: How to Snag Nutella Swag!

Want in on a little known secret ; ) Of  course you do! YOU can get FREE NUTELLA SWAG! I know right. EXCITING! How much do you love us now ; ) Well not technically us, we’re not giving it to you, we’re just going to tell you how you can get it.

You know those beautiful shiny shimmery GOLD seals on each of our beloved Nutella jars? Don’t throw them away. That’s right, you’ll need to hoard those babies up so you can trade them in for nutella-riffic swag. Coffee cups, spreaders, t-shirts, tumblers… SWOON! I like to cut mine off with a small pairing knife, clean and smooth, but hey do what you like.

Once you’ve got enough lids saved up, head over to Nutella Boutique to find out how to redeem them.



  1. cbroxton

    I’m enjoying a hot beverage in my SWAG as I type this. Love some freebies, especially when they involve nutella!!!

  2. tsewasil

    I love this blog already! I need a Nutella spreader, NEED IT! Thank you.

  3. Mylynka


  4. how is it that i didn’t know u could get free nutella swag?? i must’ve thrown out at least 4 gold seals last year! omg…btw, this site is awesome!

  5. Thanks for telling me this! I am going to start saving them from now on!


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